download : pdf to go for blackberry

Data Viz is throwing in the new PDF viewer, PDF To Go, with the Premium Edition. Like most PDF viewers on any platform, PDF To Go supports zooming in and preserves formatting on the BlackBerry by wrapping words.

The standard version of Documents To Go is a bona fide perk for Bold owners, who would be otherwise stuck with the BlackBerry's traditionally rather stunted documents viewers. This premium version is certainly better, creating a seamless, intuitive, and feature-packed document handler. You can see a feature-by-feature comparison of the standard and premium versions here.
General Features:
  • View native PDF files and attachments.
  • "Home" screen with recently used documents
  • File open browser for navigating folders
  • Integration with BlackBerry email application for opening attachments
  • SureType and QWERTY shortcuts
  • File Properties dialog
  • In-product help
  • English version only
Viewing / Editing Features:
  • Open RC4 and AES encrypted PDF files and attachments.
  • Open password-protected PDF files and attachments.
  • View faxes sent as PDF attachments using,, & others.
  • WYSIWYG view including embedded graphics support.
  • Page layout and Word Wrap view modes.
  • 6 zoom levels including Fit To Screen & Fit To Width.
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