How do I add other email (POP) accounts to my BlackBerry?

Please note that the integration and configuration of non-UNCG email accounts is not a supported service. Visit the Blackberry support pages as well as the technical support resources of your non-UNCG email account provider.

This example uses GMAIL:
  • Go to the http://(Provider)
  • Click on Create New account.
  • Type in your device PIN and ESN.  You can find both of these by going into Options–>Status on the Handheld device.
  • Follow the rest of the setup choices to finish setting up your BlackBerry Web Account.  This will create an email account and address in the format of       (where dcassese is the username you used when setting up the account).
  • Once you have your account, look for Add other email accounts. Then simply add your email address and login information.

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