10 things - Number 4: Save time with AutoText

AutoText is a feature that is built into the BlackBerry. It is a mechanism that watches what you type, and then switches your word for a new one as soon as you hit space. For example, if you type acn instead of can, the BlackBerry replaces acn with can as soon as you hit space.

AutoText can actually speed up typing too because it will fill in special characters for you. For example, to type the word aren't, you type a r e n <alt-k> t. The alt-k gets you the apostrophe. Typing that apostrophe slows you down because you have to hit two keys at once.

On a BlackBerry you simply type the word aren't without the apostrophe, and when you hit space, AutoText fills in the apostrophe for you.

There are even some special AutoText features that save even more typing. Let's say you want to quickly send an email to someone asking them to call you. You can type Please call me at mynumber <space>. AutoText will change the word mynumber to your actual BlackBerrys phone number. Another one is mypin. After you hit space, AutoText changes the word mypin to your BlackBerrys PIN number. One last one is myver. If anyone ever asks you what BlackBerry model and OS you are using, just type myver and hit space.

If you navigate to Options, AutoText you will be able to see all of the pre-loaded AutoText entries. There you will be able to add new ones. For example, why not get the BlackBerry to do all of the typing for you? Let's say you are a busy business person, who always wants to quickly follow up after a meeting. You could create a new Autotext entry like zzzz. You would then type in an entire email like "It was a pleasure meeting with you today. I will follow up with you shortly but please let me know if I can assist you with anything before then."

Now as you hop into the elevator, you compose a new email on your BlackBerry, type "Hi Kevin."
Zzzz <space>. That's it! The AutoText replaces your zzzz with your generic follow-up email

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