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I'm not sure about you but I always wanted to be a pirate growing up. Unfortunately I never managed it, but thanks to Sid Meier's Pirates I can now raise the Jolly Rodger and take to the high seas while I'm sat on the bus - and you can too if you have a BlackBerry.

Sid Meier's Pirates sees you assume the role of a rookie sailor who takes off to the Carribean on a quest of discovery and conquest. Once you've assembled your crew and set sail,

you'll have to explore foreign lands and battle the occupying forces on sea and on land.

Sid Meier's Pirates is a highly entertaining strategy with a surprising amount of depth for a mobile game. There are a number of disciplines which you'll need to develop, including fencing, sailing, bartering, and cannon firing.
The presentation of the game is excellent too, with polished music and sound effects, as well as bright, cartoony graphics and cut scenes.

HTML clipboardCompatible devices:

BlackBerry 7100t * BlackBerry 8100 Pearl * BlackBerry 8110 Pearl * BlackBerry 8120 Pearl * BlackBerry 8800 * BlackBerry 8830 * BlackBerry 9500 Storm * BlackBerry 9700 * BlackBerry Bold 9000 * BlackBerry Curve 8300 * BlackBerry Curve 8310 * BlackBerry Curve 8900 * BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8220 * BlackBerry Storm 9530

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