MiniChess ME 1.0.84 Game For Java Free Download

Play the bachelor chess variant for free for as long as you like. Once you have mastered it upgrade to the full version for a greater challenge

Screenshots :

MiniChess ME has 6 different board layouts for a range of game play options, as well as 3 different levels of AI and different time management options.
Play a high speed game with only seconds to think of each move or turn the timer off and let you and your phone plan your moves more carefully for a real challenge. Perfect for a coffee break or a commute, full games are played in around 5-10 minutes.
The standard rules of chess have the following modifications to adapt to the smaller board:
* No pawn double move, and therefore on en passant capture.
* No castling
* Pawns automatically promote to Queens.
[NEW: Faster AI Engine, more challenge, less wait].
* Custom AI Engine
* Range of difficulty settings
* Two different time management settings or the option of no limit
* 6 Different board layouts
* Persistent Win/Loss/draw record.
Download MiniChess ME 1.0.84 Game For Java .jar file
Download MiniChess ME 1.0.84 Game For Java .jad file

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