QQ Browser 2011 For Symbian , Android And Java

QQ Browser is a free, fast and compact mobile browser that allows you to access thousands of sites on your phone as fast and easily as using a computer

QQ Browser is Free to download and free to use. QQ Browser can turn WWW pages in WAP pages for better display and smaller image size.All the pages are optimized and compressed before being sent to your phone,and the data transferred to your phone is significantly reduced to making mobile surfing cheaper and fast.
The current version of QQ Browser supports Java mobile handsets.
Key Features:
A. Easy surfing with popular websites pre-embedded in QQ
B. Cheaper mobile surfing with advanced compression technology
C. Multiple–tabs that make mobile browsing swift and smooth.
Popular Features:
a. Surf your favorite sites
b. Mobile surfing cheaper
c. Stable Network
e. Multiple-tabs
f. Site Navigation
g. Download Manager
h. Pre-load
i. bookmark and History
j. URL auto-completion
k. Night Mode

what‘s new:
1.Improved Look
Composition of some sites is optimized to create aesthetic appeal and improve browsing experience.
Copied contents can be quickly re-edited and forwarded.
3.Intelligent switch to WLAN
Automatic switch to WLAN will save your time and traffic.
4.Font Settings
Support font settings on certain pages.
5.Speed Dial
Speed dial bookmarks can help you quickly access your favorite sites.

Download QQ Browser 2011 For Symbian , Android And Java .jar file
Download QQ Browser 2011 For Symbian , Android And Java .jad file

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