mig33 v3.0 apk for Android

Mig33 is a community of millions of users chat to meet friends and have fun every day.

Chat via IM and Chat Rooms, send gifts, play games or just use it to make cheap overseas calls and text. Mig33 helps you to connect with millions of people, right at your fingertips.
Key features Mig33 Android :
- Chat with millions of users all around the world
· Facebook Chat, MSN, Yahoo!, AIM or GTALK
· Lots of mobile games
· Cheap international calls
· Cheap flat-rate SMS
· Over 200,000 Chat Rooms
· Create & explore user profiles
· Sending of Virtual Gifts to friends
· Create & Dress up your Avatars
· Share photos
· Email from your phone
· Free credits for inviting friends
Mig33 Android v3.0 Apk update :
# A whole new sleek interface allows for FAST and EASY access to all features.
# New photo application allows you to snap your memories & add fun frames and effects to them before sharing them with your friends.
# Multi-tasking is here, New Window Manager allows you to switch between multiple conversations, chatrooms or pages easily.
# Hours of fun with better battery life.

Download mig33 v3.0 apk for Android

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