InstaPhoto for BlackBerry phones

InstaPhoto for BlackBerry allows you to choose from a library of 25 preset effects,

including tilt shift, custom borders, color effects, grunge textures and decorative frames. It's a simple and easy way to create amazing effects to share with all your friends via Twitter, Facebook or Tumblr. Alongside the standard effects, InstaPhoto also features unique effects such as a retro-styled poster with radiant rays fanning out to enhance your image, look at the world through a HUD of an aircraft, through the lens of an SLR camera, or create mugshots of you, your friends, and pets. It's easy to get started, and with so many options to choose from, there's something for every occasion. InstaPhoto also simulates the effect of tilt shift, a process often used to simulate miniature scenes. Choose from a radial or linear distortion, pinch and adjust a simple slider, then tap and let us do the rest. InstaPhoto automatically adds vibrant saturation to intensify the colors to create unique whimsical scenes.

InstaPhoto for BlackBerry Features:
- Easy to get started, simply choose a preexisting photo or snap one right away. Camera integration runs directly within app, allowing you to take a photo and start instantly.
- Images save to a custom gallery folder, and are featured when you load the app, or you can opt to view the latest uploads on Twitter from your friends.
- Large preview images allow you to see an effect clearly before making a selection.
- Simple controls with stunning pre-set effects, it's easy for anyone to use with just a tap of the finger.
- Quick rending, no long loading times for an effect.
- Unique effects creating interesting themes for your photos : periscope, mugshots, HUDs and many more.

Download InstaPhoto for BlackBerry OS 5
Download InstaPhoto for BlackBerry OS 6

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