How to Choose the Right Blackberry Model

Planning to buy a blackberry phone? I know that it is not that easy to choose a model that suits both your budget and needs.

That is the main reason why I wrote this simple guide, I intend to give you some insights in getting your most ideal blackberry model.
It is important that you think several times before you purchase anything, make sure that the phone you want to own would really make a difference in your life.
You may check out what I have written below for proper guidance in picking the right Blackberry model for you.


1-It is best to know if you want your phone to have access on email, calendar, games, cameras and video or simply you just want to have a phone for communication purposes only.

2-Decide whether you want SureType phone keyboard or a QWERTY phone keyboard. Make sure that your pick the one that would make you feel comfortable.

3-Check out your target Blackberry models if it is carried by your service provider. You have to know that not all providers offer everything BlackBerry sells.

4-Check the features of your target model. See if the features of your target model suit your lifestyle and need.

5-Compare your target model to other Blackberry Phone. If you have checked the features in your target phone, compare it with other model to see if you are choosing the right phone for your money.

6-Ask friends and loved ones who have idea about Blackberry phones. Ask them about the downside of each model and try to find out as well about the good side of every Blackberry model.

7-Search the internet for reviews of actual users that have something to do with your ideal Blackberry phone model.


Buy through a legitimate dealer to avoid problems with your Blackberry phone later on. There are phone dealers who sell fake phones so watch out for it.

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