How to Update Your Nokia Phone to Symbian Anna

Symbian Anna is the latest update to the Symbian^3 operating system (OS). The update brings a refreshed user interface
, modern and streamlined icons, a new web browser and performance upgrades, among other useful things. Symbian Anna is available for the Nokia C6-01, C7, E7 and N8 smartphones


Update over-the-air (OTA)

1-Find the Software Update app. From Menu, go to Applications>Software Update. Your phone will then search for the available update.

2-Mark the tick box next to the update when it appears.

3-Press the Update button on the bottom left corner of the screen. Your phone will begin downloading the update.

Update via Nokia Ovi Suite

1-Connect your phone to your computer with a USB data cable, or via Bluetooth.

2-Download and install Nokia Ovi Suite if you haven't already.

3-Launch Ovi Suite and let it discover your connected phone.

4-Find and press the Update button at the top of the application. This will take you to the update page where the update will be displayed for you to download.

Update via Nokia Software Updater (for Mac)

1-Connect your phone to your Mac with a USB data cable.

2-Launch Nokia Software Updater and allow it to recognize your phone.

3-Press the Install button when prompted, if there is an available update.


* When using Ovi Suite, if your software update does not complete (Internet connection interrupted, for example) you can press the Reinstall command on the update page to start again.
* Nokia released Symbian Anna for the C6-01, C7, E7 and N8 in August 2011[2]. It is the standard OS shipping with the Nokia E6 and X7. However, some mobile phone carriers may delay the update in some countries. If your phone or software does not find an update then your carrier might not have approved it for download yet.


* It is recommended that your phone be connected to a WiFi network when you're updating OTA. This is because Symbian Anna is a large update and may use up all of your data plan.

Things You'll Need

* Nokia phone (C6-01, C7, E7 or N8)
* PC or Mac with Internet connection
* WiFi connection (optional)
* USB data cable with micro-USB end (optional)

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